5 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working For You – (And How To Fix It)

Everybody knows the law of attraction. People get what they think about, or we attract what it is that we think about.

So I’d like to ask, why do so many people know this, try to put it into practice and then fail to get what they thought that they were asking for?

The answer is simple..

I’ve put together 5 reasons why it’s is not working for you and how you can kick start the processes of mastering the law of attraction.

1: Gratitude

In order to be given more of what we want we must first show gratitude for what it is that we already have. A sense of gratitude puts the mind into a receptive state. Think about it, we are giving thanks for receiving. This is a perfect state of mind to be in.

It also creates a positive mental state, as we can only be in one state at a time, this is insuring that that we are focused on the good.

2: Expectancy

If you do not expect to receive what you’ve asked for that you must be expecting not to receive it. Therefore it is vitally important that once you decided what you want you must get into a state of expectancy that you will receive it. If you don’t you are preparing for exactly the opposite. Live in a state of expectancy that you will receive what you asked for.


3: Action reaction

This one of the most import to understand. The law of attraction is a secondary law. It is invoked by the law of action. What does this mean? When we act we create a vibration in our bodies, this is the vibration that the law of attraction is responding to.

We have to act in the manner as we would if the wish had already been fulfilled, and we have to take action towards what it is that we want. Our desires don’t just come to use, we are co creators, creation happenes to and through us.

4: Confused perspective

How often do you find yourself saying “I don’t want this” or “I didn’t ask for this” Here’s the problem, when you say “I don’t want” what you are really saying is “can I have that please” You get what you think about.

It’s time to reframe your perspective – when you know what you don’t want it shows you what you do want. Focus on that instead – by know what you don’t want you are given a sign post to that which is. Forget the negative and focus on the positive perspective.

5: Definition

Do you really know what you want? Can you define it so that a stranger would understand? If not, this could be your problem.

The majority of people only have the vaguest ideas of what they want – more money, happiness, harmony.. This doesn’t mean anything. Get specific in every detail and and you will be rewarded.

Put these ideas into practice and I promise you that you will start to see results where before you felt frustration. Remember also that some things take longer than others to manifest.

Stick with it, stay grateful, live in expectation, take action towards your goal , keep thinking from the right perspective and be clear about what it is that you want and it will be yours.


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