How To Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps – Law Of Attraction

Creating the world that we want can can be deceptively easy as well as a lot of fun. I’ve been playing with this now for some time and as I get better and better with the “law of attraction” I become more amazed on a daily basis. It’s been an understanding inside of me for a long time when it come to the “matrix” nature of reality and the universe we live in but when I see this unfolding in my life and those around me on a daily basis it reminds me that we truly live in a magical universe.

I’m writing this article because I want to give some quick and easy practical pointers about how you can harness the forces of your own mind to bend creation in what ever direction that you want. We truly are the masters of our own destiny.

The techniques to do this are really very simple. The difficulty comes in the mental toughness required to carry them through but I’m going to give you 8 simple steps here.

My advice is just to play with them, have some fun doing this. You don’t have to use all of them but if can start to incorporate them into your ways of thinking you too will start to see magic happening in your life.

So here are my 8 simple steps to manifesting anything that you want:

1: Set goals

Goals provide us with a map of where we want to go. without a destination we have nothing to aim for. We can use the analogy of a  ship in a harbour that has no captain or crew. At best if it manages to make into the open waters it will  end up washed up on the rocks. There can be no other destination with out guidance. With out goals we are the same as a ship with out a captain or crew. We must have a destination to aim for and as we focus on the goals we set our selves we begin to magnetise the idea towards us.

2: Gratitude

Gratitude is the fertile soil where ideas grow into reality. For our desires and ambitions to come to being we have to come from a place of love and thanks and appreciation.  To grow in prosperity and abundance we first have to feel rich and abundant. This is easy, if you are reading this then you are already one on the richest people on this planet. Start to appreciate that, look around you and think about all the things that you should be grateful for. Your health, shelter, food, warms, friends, any luxury that you have, anything you can think of like a nice cup of coffee, a walk in the park, time with a loved one, anything. You are already rich in so many ways, when you begin to feel and appreciate and give thanks for that, guess what? You attract more of the same. Start showing gratitude right now. Even better start a gratitude journal and write it down.

3: Believe

Do you have unbending belief that everything is taken care of? Because it is. Believe like what ever it is that you are creating has already com to pass. When you work towards your goal you should know that all the details have been taken are of for you already. The plan is already complete, you don’t have to know every detail, just taking those baby steps will illuminate the next step. Let me give you an analogy:

We can make a car journey through the night only ever seeing 200 meters ahead, but after we have travelled that short distance the next 200 meters become illuminated. At the end of the journey we arrive at the destination having never seen more than a snapshot of that journey at any one time. This is how it works, have the belief that you are being guided and just keep taking those small steps – you will arrive!




Visualisation is an amazing tool for manifesting. Let me explain why. Your brain acts as a cybernetic device. This essentially means that it guides you to a predefined destination. This destination is set by your subconscious beliefs. It will always strive to create an outcome that is consistent with that belief. If you believe that you are not good enough, guess what? iIf you believe that you are not worthy or deserving , guess what? You will self sabotage every time to remain consistent with the belief.

With visualisation we can change these beliefs to fit want we want. Your subconscious mind has no way to differentiate between what is real and what is not. This is important, an imagined event is taken as real, this is scientifically proven. When you start to imagine or visualise outcomes as you want them to be your mind cannot tell the difference. In time  these images will replace the old beliefs that were limiting you and your subconscious mind will strive to make the the new belief the outcome of actions and events. Those old limiting beliefs will be gone and new empowering beliefs will have replaced them. This is powerful stuff, play with this one.

5: Affirm it

This leads on form the previous point. Writing down affirmations is another proven way to change your belief programs. Bob Proctor always advocates repeating “Im so happy and lucky that money now comes to me in ever increasing quantities and through multiple sources” Tony Robbins affirmation is “Gods wealth is flowing in my life, his wealth comes to me in avalanches of abundance, all my desires, goals, and needs are met instantaneously”

Take the limiting belief that no longer serves you and tear it down with a positive  affirmation that does serve you and repeat as often as you can. Finish your affirmations with the phrase “this or something better”.


6: Stay positive

This is an obvious one and you’ll see results straight away with this. Look for the good in everything, focus on the positive because this is going to create the optimum internal environment for manifesting. Somethings take longer that others to show up in the physical realm but this is a practice that will instantly improve the quality of your experience of everything, and while in this mental state you are doing the energy work to supercharge the materialisation of everything on your list of goals.


7: Take action

The mistake that people make is that they think that to simply desire something is enough to attract it. you must take action. Once you have  set your intent you will receive ideas, or flashes of inspiration, follow up on these as soon as possible. The quicker you do the more energy will be present in that action. Remember that nothing will be created by itself, the process is channeled through you, all you have to do is wait for the instructions to flow to you and  then take action. Take no action and nothing will happen.

8: Meditation

Meditation connects us with ourselves at a deeper level and more importantly with the universe. allow yourself to enjoy a state of deep relaxation while at the same time knowing  your desires have been delivered straight to the universe. Regardless of anything else, taking the time to disconnect from your thought and enjoying a state of relaxation will help you immensely.  If you are a beginner or even more advanced then a guided meditation can really help. I love guided meditations, I use them all the time, they help to focus the mind and also can provide great help if you are struggling with visualisation. Here is a link to a meditation that I’m giving away for free that can get you started:

manifesting abundance free guided meditation


Take one or a couple or all of these techniques and play with them, remember to have fun.

If you would like to get clear on your intentions which is really the first step then I have a free online workshop that I would love for you to attend. This is a 3 part session that is going to put you is a super high state of vibration so that you can gain real clarity, set powerful intentions and create a simple master plan  to see them though. Just click the link and you’ll be able to sign up for this free but incredibly powerful work shop.

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