It’s Belief That Allows Us To Make Sense Of Nonsense

There’s a big problem in the lives of most people. That is  – trying to make sense of nonsense or working from the outside in.

Let’s look at it like this: The majority of people take external results, situations, circumstances and then allow those events to act as the necessary evidence to form a belief.

That belief is then reinforced by the circumstances that were permitted to create it.  

This is a big problem, and the reason that most people get stuck.



We can look at it as a kind of  chicken and egg scenario.

As the only creatures on this planet that have the ability of conscious creation, it is our thoughts that create our reality. By looking at external things as a reality we allow those very things to continue in existence.

The secret here is to understand that it is our thoughts that are creating the events that provide the support for our beliefs.

In order to consciously create, the external factors of ones reality must be ignored and and understanding must be gained that it is our thoughts that are creating the outer reality.

By focusing on what is already there and allowing that to influence belief we are using the process of conscious creation to perpetuate whatever is already there.



We can change this through right thinking, by reversing the process. By deliberately ignoring all current circumstances and focusing thought energy into what would be preferred circumstance.

In this way  a new set of event and circumstances will be created.

This sound counterintuitive, and it is.. To ignore what seems to be there and diligently focus on a preferred reality. But this is the truth. This is the means by which any person can truly transform their life to meet their fullest desires.

The reason that outside in thinking is doomed to failure is because we are dealing with an effect rather that the cause. This can never work.

We can and must change the world from the inside out.


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