5 steps to manifest anything you want

This article sets out to provide some practical advice on how to manifest any desire that you want.

In this post I’m would like to discuss and put forward some ideas from Deepak Chopra that relate to the natural laws that governs the manifesting of any desire that we have.

Below is some practical advice that we can all put into practice every day of our lives

1: Meditation

We must be able to connect with the universal consciousness and so creating stillness is the first thing towards manifesting our desire. Meditation is one way that we can enter this consciousness. By allowing the internal dialogue to quieten we allow our connection to be created and communicate our desires directly into the consciousness of the universe.

2: Giving

This is really simple in order to receive what we want we must first give of that desire. It is a good idea to think of wealth and prosperity as a flow of energy, if we hold it up we will create a blockage so in order for us to keep the flow moving we have to give that which we seek.

Aim to give to everyone that you come into contact with, this doesn’t have to be material, it could be in the form of a compliment, kind words, or just a positive thought.

3: cause and Effect – KARMA

The best way to understand this is to become aware of the choices that we make in every moment.

We can use karma to generate abundance in our lives but we must become aware that our future is being created out of every decision that we make in every moment. The best way to prepare for any future is to be fully conscious in this present moment.



4 : Least effort.

Do less and accomplish more. There are three components to this.

The first is acceptance, this simply means allow events to pass as they are, accept, do not try to struggle against the flow of events.

Second is responsibility, this means to not blame anyone for your situation including yourself. Whatever it is that you have attracted into our life in this moment is exactly what you need at this moment.

The third is defencelessness. This means letting go of the need be right, to convince others of your point of view.

When you are able to put all three of the above into practice you will remove resistance form your life.

To put this into effect in your daily practice, commit to the following statement:

“Today I will practice acceptance, I will accept people, situations, and events as they occur. I will not struggle against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete.”


5: Intention and desire

Through your intention you can literally command the laws of nature to fulfil your dreams and desires.

Aim to slip between the gaps in your thoughts, this will allow you to find your connection with your intent.

This is the place where you should release your intentions and desires. Simply release them there and have no attachment to the outcome of their fulfilment.

Let the universe handle the detail, all you have to do is expect that this or something better will come to pass.


If you will take one, some, or all of the ideas that are presented below and being to apply them to your daily life, it is without doubt that you will start to notice the manifestation of anything that you desire.


Big love