The Minds Higher Mental Faculties

What are you minds higher mental faculties and why should you be using them?

With a small amount of observation it is clear to see that most people don’t think. That might seem like a crazy thing to say but it’s true.

The majority of people go through life not thinking but experiencing mental activity.


This is not thinking.


When it is widely agreed that we become what we think about, then it becomes apparent why people that you see for the most part are being swept around in life like pieces of drift wood in a storm.

By taking control of the thinking process and consciously choosing ones thoughts it is perfectly possible, in fact, predictable of the things that a person will experience, create, and become.



So how do we take control?

We have six mental faculties. By understand them and how they operate, we are able to take control of our mind and use it as it was designed for us. That is conscious creation.

These faculties consist of:


1: Will


This enables to be focus with intensity. Like a magnifine glass placed under the suns rays it allows us to laser focus our mental energies onto a single point.


2: Intuition


Intuition is our line to infinite intelligence, that is, by developing it we give ourselves a the ability to receive the answers to questions that we require to fulfil the bigger picture.


3: Imagination


With our imagination we can paint any picture that we want. If something can be seen in the mind, it can be held in the hand. Imagination is one of the most powerful creative tools that we have. It is the start of anything that we create.


4: Perception


Perception is the way that we see things. By developing our powers of perception we can enable ourselves to see the same thing from multiple angles or points of view.


5: Memory


There is no such thing as a bad memory. Only strong or weak ones. Just like any muscle when you go to the gym, memory can be strengthened. Develop a strong memory.


6: Reason


Reason is what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. We are the only creature that has the ability to reason, every other creature operates from instinct. It is this faculty that allows us to choose our thoughts.


We’ve been given these to that allow us to be the creators of anything that we want. All we have to do is learn to use them as they should be.


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