Success Does Not Come by Accident – Law Of Attraction

Success does not come by accident it is a skill that can be learned. To master this skill is to master attaining all that we want in life. This is true when it comes to financial success, great health, relationship and more.

The law of attraction has gained in popularity of the past few years and much of this can be attributed to the susses of the film – the secret,  by Rhonda Byrne. Millions of people have transformed their lives by applying this law enjoying success that they could never have imagined with this awareness emerging to the forefront of media as the key to help people to fulfil their innermost goals and ambitions. 

the law of attraction essentially decrees that ‘like attracts like’. More specifically, this means that your mindset, thoughts and feelings establish your reality and influence the events that you experience in your life. In this most basic way thinking positive thought will attract positive energy that is in alignment with those thoughts. 

Equally a negative mindset will attract is equal energy. In this way,  an individual dictating their reality through their internal thoughts. The key to success is learning how to use this law of attraction to create your own personal success. 

There are three phases that you must go though to in order to successfully control the circumstances of your life. 

You must know what it is that you want to achieve as opposed to what you don’t. All successful people know what they want to achieve. 

You must have faith that the universe will answer and deliver your desires. A lack of faith or doubt anything from happening because ultimately you are focusing on what you don’t want rather that what you do. It is important to act and believe as if it has already happened. You must be able to feel the success of your desired outcome before it has arrived as the feeling you have towards it is just as important as your thoughts. 

The last thing is that you must be open to receiving The universe gives to people who are a good receiver. This means that you must keep a positive mindset, feel that you deserve to receive and persevere to see the success in each area that you want to manifest in your life.

You have a choice, you can think in positive or negative terms. By being in positive state and ready to receive, you will automatically behave and act to change your environment to correspond to your desires. Never ever give up trying to incorporate the law of attraction into your life to your advantage, and your circumstances will respond to you with your persistence.