Super charge your goals

Here’s how you can supercharge your goals in 2018

If you haven’t set your goals yet, then this is going to help you get focused.

If you have then great, keep reading as this is going to help you understand if the goals that you’ve set are the right ones

or not.



As Emerson said “Nothing is achieved without enthusiasm”

To get the best results, we need to be enthusiastic about what we’re doing.

A sense of gratitude make it easy to feel positive and enthusiastic when thinking of your goals

materialising of the coming year.


So here is a little exercise to get you in a great state and to help you review your goals for 2018.

In order to understand what is important to you I want you to write down all the things that you are

grateful for in 2017.

Are you struggling?

Let me help.


What would you miss if it were gone from your life?

Anything that comes to mind, you should cultivate a sense of gratitude for.

Spend the next few days writing them down and making a list.

Re read it and form mental images where you express your gratitude for those things.

This will put you in the perfect mental state for putting your goals on paper.

It will also show you what is important to you.


These are the areas where you should be focused on your goal setting.

Enjoy as the positive feeling build up inside of you and you feel supercharged with enthusiasm to

go after you dreams.


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