The Power Of Words.

In a recent youtube video that I was watching with Dr Wayne Dyer, he spoke about the importance of the last few minutes of thought before falling asleep and how those moments can have a significant impact on the way our life develops.

He talked about how our subconscious is working while we are sleeping and how our last wakeful thoughts are the ones that it will pick up on and start working tirelessly to create a reality out of those thought.

As a result we would want those thoughts to be positive and affirming and not negative and destructive.

This started me thinking.

I recently read a book called “Message of a Master” and in it provided a list of words and instructions on how to use them.

I this article I want to give you that list of words that you can use to help to create the life that you desire.

My goal here is not to repeat instructions but give insight into the way that I have come to use them and how they help to me to attract the reality that I want.


So here it is.

At the end of each day you should set aside 30 min when you can be alone and undisturbed.

Look at the events that have happened during your day and the way that you have reacted or respond to those situations.

Choose several words for the list that seem appropriate to you in this moment.

Look at the events that have happened once again and review them using the sentiment of the words that you have chosen.

In doing this you should be able create a new positive perspective of the event that has just passed and allow yourself to look at it with different eyes, the eyes of those words.

Then rather than giving focus to the impression that you previously had, you should be able to focus on the new feelings, course of behaviour, or out come that might have happened had you responded with the sentiment of the words that you have chosen.

In this way we can turn those thoughts that eat away at our energy and pull focus away form where it should really be and use them to create positive emotions that will serve to attract the right kind of situations in our life.

I have found this method to be really powerful in providing intelligent insight into my own emotions and behaviour, allowing me to turn potentially negative thought patterns into one that I can use to my advantage.

Here is the list:

Concentration, Charity,

peace, non-resistance,

poise, Justice, harmony,

consideration, goodwill,

freedom, honesty,

guidance, Wisdom,

activity, kindness,

generosity, understanding,

vitality, inspiration,

compassion, humility,

power, intelligence,

serenity, decision,

love, memory, tolerance,

sympathy, gentleness,

law, creativity,

grace, life,

faith, youth,

confidence, courtesy,

abundance, success,

merit, happiness, s

spirit, alertness,

health, resourcefulness,

unity, persistence,

strength, purpose,

serenity, achievement,

energy, mastery,


So give this ago, do this at the end of the day and give yourself the chance to turn those last thought that you fall asleep with into positive ones where can can see yourself behaving and feeling in ways that will give your powerful sub conscious mind the right fuel and conditions to work for you and not against you.