Trust The Power Within

It’s time to trust the power within.


The power of creation is neutral, it simply is. It is an impersonal force that we can use to create anything we want. The effect of this power will always be equal to the cause – It will  support us in our ideas.

“It is done unto you as you believe.”

When you put an idea into the Universe, things come into place to fulfil that idea.

The more receptive to this you are the more fulfilled you can become.

Creation happens to and through us by the power of our thoughts.



In order to take advantage of this, an expansion of consciousness is required. This happens through our ideas and beliefs about our relationship to this creative power. As this happens our ability to create is expanded.

By understanding this we can be move from unconscious to conscious creation. If our beliefs do not support our desires we can change them through right thinking. Thinking, that is based on an understanding of this creative truth.

How is this achieved?

To begin with, just know that you want something more than you have right now.

There is no growth without discontent. The choice is yours – you can choose lack and limitation or you can choose abundance.

We are limited, not by reality, but by reality as we currently perceive it.

Ask yourself, what is the value that I’m receiving from the beliefs that I hold?



Remember.. We can only have two things in life, either reasons, or results.

People seem to spend their lives waiting, but ultimately those moments never show up.

They are like the horizon, or the end of a rainbow, forever moving ahead.

Make a decision to empower yourself with beliefs that are productive to the outcomes that you want in life. Make a decision to take action NOW towards the things that you want. It is the only time you have.

As your outlook begins to change your natural actions will fall in line with that new outlook.

In this way you can banish all the old lack and limitation in your life and start to consciously design the life of your dreams.

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