Tools To Help With Creative Visualisation

Cultivating effective visualization skills is one of the best laws to make the Law of Attraction a more powerful tool in your daily life. Broadly speaking, the process of visualization involves creating images (both mentally and physically) that convey a strong, positive message. However, there are many different ways to approaches visualization. Here are some of the most inspiring methods and techniques to add to your toolkit and generate a momentum of abundance.

Dream Boards

dream board is a way of visually representing your aims—whether they’re financial, romantic, spiritual, or something else entirely. An inexpensive and maximally creative way of connecting with your hopes for the future, these boards can be made using everything from natural objects to drawings and magazine cutouts. Our free Law of Attraction tool kit will teach you more about how to create the ideal dream board that helps you meet your objectives and explain how you can use that board to transform your life.

Visual Affirmations

An affirmation is a simple statement that reshapes your beliefs and helps you move towards your life goals. You can tailor affirmations to reflect anything you want, but common and widely applicable ideas include affirmations like “I will be positive, happy and magnetic today” and “I am confident, capable and I can get everything I want.” While there is much to be said for contemplating affirmations, it’s important to take the further practical step of making these affirmations concrete. For example:

  • Put your affirmations on signs and put them where they can be seen. It may be a particularly good idea to stick them in areas connected with your goals (such as on the mirror if you’re trying to reshape your self-image, or on the front door if you’re working towards career advancement).
  • Set up smartphone reminders so that your affirmations regularly appear to you throughout the idea. You might try setting one to appear along with your morning alarm, or time the affirmations to that they are on your screen during your commute, lunch break or just before bed.
  • Repeatedly write out your affirmations at the beginning or end of the day. Writing them down 5-10 times has a similar influence on your subconscious to speaking affirmations aloud. Make sure to write them slowly and carefully, preferably using a pen that feels comfortable and good in your hand.

Positive Lists

Law of Attraction experts often note that underlying negativity and uncontrollable chatter in the mind is one of the major things holding people back from accomplishing their goals. Often, this negativity will be self-directed, so using a visualization tool linked to personal value can be extremely useful reshaping your self-esteem. One method requires simply writing a list of the ten things you like most about yourself, and sticking that up on your wall to look at when you get ready for your day. Reflecting on the reasons to feel good about who you are enhances your belief that you can (and deserve to) reach your goals. You can create your reality with intentional thoughts to promote more positivity in your life.

Cultivating positivity that is directed the world around you will also make you a more vibrant and successful person, so you might want to consider dedicating a notebook exclusively to your feelings of gratitude. Each day, write down 3-5 things that make you feel happy to be alive, or that you appreciate. This process helps you to see your life in a better light, and works to override negative assumptions in your belief system.

Diary Entries

Another visualization tool that can help you believe in your capacity for change and success involves writing short stories or diary entries that describe how your life will be when you achieve your goals. You can treat this exercise just like you would a creative visualization meditation, documenting every little detail that makes your imagined future seem acutely real.

You can also use your diary or dream journal to “reframe” your daily experiences, taking as many useful lessons and positive messages from them as possible. By concentrating on creating a happy present experience, you also teach yourself to expect the most from your future.

Dream Checks

Although you might immediately connect dream checks with finances, the truth is that you can apply them to any goal. The idea is to have a self-written check that is made out to you and clearly states what you want to achieve (whether that is to possess a set amount of money, to land that new job, find the ideal partner or merely a happier state of mind). As with the other items mentioned above, place the check in a prominent location and look at it as often as possible.


Even those who don’t think of themselves as skilled artists, can find it surprisingly impactful to create art that visually represents dreams. Let your imagination tell you how to combine colors and shapes that remind you of the life you want to live, and place your painting in a place that encourages frequent reflection.