Two Sides To A Story

When it comes to being conscious creator of our own reality we all know the story.

We become, or we create what we think about. The problem is that our brains seem to be hard wired be very good at focusing on all the negative things in our lives. So the question is how can we turn this around and start to send out the thoughts and vibrations that actually attract the things that we want.

I want to talk about a method that you can use to help to do this. I learnt this from Abraham Hicks in the book “Money And The Law Of Attraction”

There is a simple technique called pivoting, all this requires is to understand that for everything that you think about there are always two stories.

When you find yourself experiencing negative thoughts this is your inbuilt guidance system letting you know that you are out of alignment with your real desire.

Once you realise this you can quickly turn your thoughts from negative to positive by using this method.

All that it requires you to do is to acknowledge by observing the thought you are being informed of what it is that you don’t want. By knowing this you have a sign post directing you to what is is that you do.

Yo can now turn it around and focus on what is that is desirable.




Here are a couple of examples.

You might be thinking “I hate my old car, it’s always breaking down”

This has indicated that we don’t want this old car any more. Instead of this negative affirmation we can now replace it with something like: “I’d love to have a nice new car that is reliable and comfortable to drive”.


You might be thinking “I’m sick and tired of forever working and never having any money”

So we can now replace this with “I’d love to have a disposable income, so when all my bills have been paid I have a surplus of cash that I can use to enjoy in my free time”.


“I’m tired of these same old repeating arguments that me and my partner keep having”

Reframed to:

“I’d love to have a harmonious relationship with my partner where we are both considerate to each others needs”

As you can see in these basic examples, that for every thought that you have there is always two stories. By understanding this, whenever you notice a negative thought appearing in your mind, you can quickly change the perspective to a positive one by using the technique of pivoting.

And of course once the thought has been changed into a positive one the vibration changes and so does the point of attraction.

As a final point to really establish the new though why not add some feelings of gratitude.

Lets go back to the examples:

So for the car you could add: “Anyway, I’m really lucky to have a car, it provides me with convenient transport whenever I need it, some people have to take the bus, I’d hate that”

Or with the finical situation:

I’m lucky to have an income, even in my current circumstances I have more luxury and benefits that a lot of people in the world”

etc etc.

By becoming aware of the thoughts that we have, and changing the focus of them we can quickly and easily turn a negative attraction point into one of positivity.