Fulfil Your Goals With Effortless Ease (With Visualisation)

There are a number of very good reasons why you should be visualising. It is one of the important techniques that you can develop, if you want to fulfil your goals wit effortless ease.

Images and feelings are the language of the sub conscious mind. In order to get it working for us we first need to communicate what it is that we want.

Visualisation is an extremely powerful way to achieve this.

Our sub conscious has no ability to decide what is reality or not, it simply accepts whatever we put into it in a spirit of complete faith.



Once it has accepted a belief (true or not) it goes to work to help us bring it about. Our sub conscious beliefs, without fail, create our reality.

Therefore it stands to reason that we want to convince ourselves of the things that we want to believe so that it can help us to create desirable outcomes in our lives that we consciously choose.

This is something that everyone does. We think in images, and imbue them with emotions and feelings every time we have a thought, either consciously with purpose, or unconsciously, (normally with disaster).

Visualisation is the technique rhat will help you supercharge your goal attainment.

Here are some instructions that will get you started with visualisation.


The best time to do this is twice a day. Just before sleep and just after waking. Theses are the time when you sub conscious is most susceptible to suggestion



Here we go..

Think of the image that you’d like or the goal. This could be an event, an object, a situation, anything.

Get yourself into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.

Now focus getting relaxed, focus on creating relaxation in every part of your body. Count down form 10 to 1.


One you are relaxed, imagine what it would be like if this visualisation had come to be and you were actually experiencing it right now.

You should try to create all the details and involve all of your senses. It should be as real as possible, and be fun, just like a daydream.

While you are picturing the image, you should make some positive affirmations about it, this is important. And make sure that you ca see yourself involved with the images that you have created.

Here are some examples:

“Here I am having a lovely holiday”

“I love the way that this new car that I have drives””I love the view from my new house”


End the visualisation with:

“Let this or something better manifest for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways for the highest good of all concerned.”

That’s it, simple.

Take the time yo develop this habit. As you start to get good, you will begin to introduce more senses, more vividness and more feelings. This will only serve to make your visualisations more powerful.

Have fun.

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