What Are the Secret of Success?

Countless books have been written on how to achieve success, many claiming to reveal the secret or magic pill that will effortlessly give you the Midas touch. From goal setting to positive thinking to the latest marketing techniques, there is no shortage of material.

So, what is the magical secret of success? There are three key pieces to having success in any area. Whether you want financial success, successful relationships or to master a skill: Clear Vision, Thought and Action.

Clear Vision

Having a clear vision is one of the primary factors that separates successful people from unsuccessful people. After all, how can you seek success without knowing what success is? Some people have a natural talent for creating a clear vision of what they want, but it is a skill that can be learned.

Begin by defining what success means to you. If you are seeking financial success, is a lump sum of cash in the bank or a high net worth success to you? Or do you define financial success by cash flow?

Once you have defined your goal, you must create and hold the feeling of your vision. Using visualization to create a clear picture and putting yourself clearly in this picture is an easy way to find the feeling of success. Use as much detail as possible and incorporate all five senses. Describe your environment when you have achieved success. What do you see? Smell? What sounds do you hear? Can you taste the air? How does the air feel on your skin? How do your clothes feel? What are you thinking about? What emotions are you experiencing?

The more detail you use when you create your clear vision of success, the easier and faster it will manifest into your reality.


Monitoring your thoughts as you go through your day, is another secret to success. The power of thought is nothing new and has been discussed in classic books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.

If you are not yet experiencing success or are going through a difficult period in your life, there will be plenty of evidence that success might be out of reach for you. It is easy to give in to negative thoughts, especially if people in your life are not 100% supportive of your goals. When you give in to these thoughts and feeling, you cancel out your manifestation of success that you started when you created your vision.

This is when thought and belief becomes critically important. Whether you are seeking success financially, spiritually or in relationships, hold the feeling and belief that you created when made your clear vision of success. Feeling and thinking like a successful person will bring success to you.


Once your mind is in the right place, it is time to implement the final key to success: Action.

You won’t become a star player if you take a shot and you won’t achieve wealth if you don’t provide value into the world. Don’t wait for the entire path you need to take to become illuminated. Just take the next clear step, whether that is signing up for a class to learn a skill or implementing a new technique. Once you start taking action with the right mindset, you will quickly achieve success in any area of life.

Although there is no magic pill that will instantly bring you success, the secret is that success is a skill and a habit that, with practice, will become effortless.

Written By Katherine Malone

source:  www.howtomanifestreality.com/secret-of-success/